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Walkers Woods Developement Property Owner's Association is a beautiful Community centrally located in the Carolina Forest region of Myrtle Beach. The Community established in 2002 features 297 homes, 11 ponds, a community pool, clubhouse, playground, basketball court and easy access to many amenities in the Myrtle Beach area.

Walkers Woods is a planned community created and govererned by  recorded deed restrictions and/or Rules and Regulations. The purpose of this concept is to ensure the developement of the Association as it was originally envisioned.  

This is a new webpage for Walkers Woods.  We hope you join up and check in every now and then.   News items from the Board of Directors and information will be presented to the community through this webpage.  Information on committees and other events will be posted here.   So please join us .   If you have any suggestion's for a page or comments please go to the comments page.                                               



Keep checking for updates to all of these events right here on your Walkers Woods Home page.



 The next event committee meeting will be held at the amenity center on 5th August 2015 .  The time will be 7:00PM  if you wish to suggest some Events or want to help the committee please plan to attend.  

NOTICE ON POOL RULES: It has come to the attention of the board that some residents have been using glass container's in the pool area.  Please refrain from bring glass containers into the pool area for safety reason's.  If for some reason a child or a adult drops a glass container the pool will have to be closed and maybe drained until it is consider safe to use again. 

OPEN HOMEOWNERS MEETING: The next meeting for the Walkers Woods Homeowner's will be a Open meeting .  The date of this Open meeting is the 13th August 2015 and will start at 6:00 pm at the Amenity Center.  All homeowners are encouraged to attend this meeting as are all residents of Walkers Woods.


This is to remind all Homeowners/Tenant's that the pool close's at 11:00pm.  If you are in the pool after 11:00pm you will be charged with traspassing .  On July 25,26,27 young people about the age of 16-18 have been seen on camera on the basketball court and climbing over the fence of the pool.  This is happening between 1-3 am they have been seen swimming in the pool.  Parents are reminded you are responsible for the action's of your children and once we determine who these young people are the pool pass will be pulled for the year and they could be charged with trapassing.  The Horry County police have been requested to drive by our neighborhood between the hours of 1-3am.  If any homeowner see's someone in the pool after 11:00pm it is requested that they call the Horry County police.  Lets all remember we pay for the pool and any damage that may happen has to be paid for by the HOA.  Also if during the day anyone who see's and activity that should not be going on inside the pool area you need to call the Horry County police.


August 4th is National Night out lets see how many Walkers Woods residents we can get out for this National event.  Sit outside with your neighbors. The National Night Out event is all about taking a stand against crime.   

Pool Closure:


There was a fecal accident at the pool today




Fecal incidents are a concern and an inconvenience to everyone. The pool closure is necessary for proper disinfection and protection of the health and safety of swimmers. High levels of chlorine are used to kill germs and help prevent recreational water illnesses (RWIs)




The Pool will be closed the remainder of the evening.









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