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 Welcome  neighbors!  If this is your first visit please click the Registration  link to the  the right and complete the information requested.  If you are a neighbor, your membership will be approved and you will be emailed logon information.  All neighbor information is private, password protected and will not be shared outside of our community.  This website is for the use of the Walkers Woods residents. Here you will find information about upcoming events and meetings, important notices, meeting minutes and other documents, and general information about the area. Please feel free to contact us with any other items you would like to see on this site.Walkers Woods is a neighborhood located in the Carolina Forest Area of Horry County South Carolina.  The neighborhood has approximately 296 2 and 3 bedroom homes with one and two car garages.  Walkers Woods also has a Amenity Center, Playground, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, and Swimming Pool with Kiddie Pool. Walker's Woods is also a Covenant's Community with rules and regulations. 


Waccamaw Management LLC. AAMC
  4102 Carolina Commercial Drive
  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29579
  Phone: 843-903-9551
  Kay Feld
  Property manager
[email protected]     


                                                                CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS CONTEST

The Events Committee will be going around the neighborhood to choose the best decorations.  The winner will receive a $25 gift card to a local restaurant.

                                                                CHRISTMAS SOCIAL
The Events Committee will be holding a Christmas Social for all Adults on Sat Dec 9th 7:00   please bring an appetizer to share, byob & a unwrapped gift for "Toys for Tots"

                                                                 OLDIES DANCE
Walker's Wood  Oldies Dance in November has been cancelled until January 2018  information will be posted when it becomes available keep checking. 

                                                         EVENT COMMITTEE MEETING
The next events  committee meeting will beheld on January  1st  2018 .  If you have any suggestion's on events you would like to have or would like to volunteer to help on events already planned please attend.  The meeting starts at 7:00pm at the Amenity Center.

                                                     EVENT COMMITTEE COLLECTING TOYS

The events committee will be collecting unwrapped toys for the Toys for Tot's program at all events during Oct, and Nov .  

Bingo has been cancelled for December and will Resume in January 2018.    COME AND JOIN US HAVE SOME FUN WIN SOME MONEY 50/50 DRAWING  TOO

                                               READING GLASSES NEEDED
Kay is collecting Reading Glasses for Amazon Jungle.  Complete details will be sent out in a e-mail

 The Go-Getters lunch for December has been cancelled and will start up again in January 2018  .  All are welcome to attend please meet at the Amenity Center at 12:00PM.

                                  HORRY COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE
Another scam has been brought to our attention!!!! We have received word that someone is attempting to solicit donations on behalf of the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association via the telephone. Please be reminded that the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association does NOT ask for donations via the telephone. Our Honorary Membership program is conducted exclusively through a direct mail campaign, not through telephone conversations. Please share this information with your citizens as we do not want anyone to become a victim through their innocent desire to help the Association. If you are not sure whether or not you might have someone trying to scam you, please contact the Horry County Sheriff's Office at 843-915-5450.



All residents should make their property as fire safe as possible.  We encourage the removal of pine straw from properties and also wax myrtle and pampas grass as all these are highly flammable.  All residents should be aware of No Burn Times and be cautious if you use a fire pit.  Lets all work together to make Walkers Woods a great and fire safe community.                                            


                                                                                                                                                                         HORRY COUNTY POLICE
                                              EVACUATION ZONES FOR HORRY COUNTY


 More information can be found on the Horry County Website we encourage all residents to go and check this site out.  With the possibility of this new storm hitting our area please make plans .    

Annual Preparedness Activities

  • Know Your Zone! Identify your vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind.
  • Develop and maintain a Family Disaster Plan.Discuss your plan with your family and update your plan annually.
  • Review your insurance policies. Make sure your policy includes wind and hail and consider flood insurance. Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage and usually takes 30 days to take effect. Check out www.floodsmart.gov for more information on your flood risk.
  • Have a plan for your pets. Pets are not permitted in American Red Cross shelters, so plan early how you will care for your pet in an emergency.
  • Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit, make sure to stock or restock non-perishable food items and replace batteries. Be prepared to be on your own for up to two weeks after a hurricane.
  • Take pictures or videotape the inside and outside of your home to include your personal belongings. Update you inventory as your acquire more items.
  • Put copies of important documents in a safe place, preferably a waterproof container. Important documents can include passports, birth certificates, insurance policies or anything else that might be needed immediately or cannot be easily replaced.
  • If you have prescriptions drugs make sure to document the RX number, name, address and phone number of the pharmacy where you fill your prescriptions and the administering doctor’s name and phone number.

Actions You Should Take During The Threat Of A Hurricane

  • A NOAA weather radio is an excellent source for real-time weather information and warnings.
  • Listen to the radio or television for hurricane updates and public safety information
  • Review your Family Disaster Plan.
  • Go through your Emergency Supply Kit; check the dates on your water, food items and batteries.
  • Familiarize yourself with your evacuation route and decide early when you will leave and where you will go.
  • Keep the fuel tank as full as possible. In an evacuation, gas may not be readily available.
  • Have enough cash for a few days because ATM’s may not work during power outages and stores might not be able to take debit and credit cards. Be sure to have plenty of small bills, as it may be difficult to get change.
  • Fill prescriptions that might be needed and stock up on any necessary medical supplies.

5 Mitigation Tips for your Home

  1. Protect Doors and Windows.
    1. Mark sure shutters are approved for large missile impact.
    2. Gable end vents should be shuttered to keep water out.
    3. Garages should be shuttered or braced.
  2. Secure Roof Shingles
    1. Look for missing, broken, cracked or loose roofing material. (stay on the ground and use binoculars)
  3. Seal Openings, Cracks and Holes
    1. Fill holes with caulk where wires, cables and pipes enter the house
  4. Strengthen Soffits – need to be fastened with stainless steel screws
    1. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed
    2. Limit yard objects
  5. Test your generator proper operation. Have extra gas or diesel to maintain your generator during and after the hurricane.

Source: www.disastersafety.org


Review the plan for your pets. Call your veterinarian or boarding facility to reserve a place for your pet. Pets are not permitted in American Red Cross shelters. Or click here for a list of pet friendly hotels.

Important Phone Numbers

Horry County EMD
(843) 915-5150
American Red Cross (shelters)
(843) 477-0020
(888) 877-9151
Traffic & Road Conditions
Only activated when needed & Spanish interpreters available.
Re-entry Information
(866) 246-0133
This phone line is manned in Columbia and provides information on evacuation, shelters, damage assessments and re-entry. The number is activated once an evacuation is ordered.