Ray's Corner




Well Walkers Woods held its open homeowners meeting and we had about 35 homeowners in attendance.  The minutes of the last open meeting were approved and accepted.  The board President Ms. Noreen Ciborski then informed all present that the Volleyball Court has been returned to a green space.  The front entrance on Quinn Road that was damaged by a reckless driver was fixed an insurance claim was processed and received by the board.  The children’s playground has been repaired and re-mulched. The fountains in the front have been turned off for the duration of the road repaving project.  The area of asphalt surrounding Pond#4 (West Walkerton) has been repaired.  All sidewalk sections that need repair have been replaced.   The Reserve at Walkers Woods have removed their sign the board is waiting for them to remove the post.   There will be two new Fiberglass Doors installed one is for the Tower #1 and one for the chemical room when they are received.  The board also ordered 12 New chaise loungers for the pool, and two new fountains were ordered so far this year, 4 other fountains were repaired.  Santee Cooper will be relocating a light post on Quinn Rd. island and we will be losing 3 trees in the front part of the island. 

The meeting was then open for Homeowner question’s and most were on the Security at the Pool.  Some wanted to know exactly what the guard on duty was supposed to be doing since a lot of times they just sit there in a chair.  Ms. Ciborski explained that it was a new company and the board would have to talk with the owners.  If I remember correctly there use to be a book inside the amenity center that gave the guard instructions on what to do.  Another homeowner had a question on what happens when someone gets a violation notice.  This was answered by the board and the homeowner was asked to go to our Website and read the new amendment for violation’s.  Ray Davis gave a Fire wise report and reminded everyone that when you do any yard work around your home go to our Website and fill out the Fire wise form and send it to Waccamaw Management. 

The Events Committee then gave it’s planned up coming events for our community.  The committee will meet on Sept 2nd at the Amenity Center at 1:00pm (this is a time change).  Go-Getter’s lunch will be on Friday Sept 20th meet at the amenity center no choice of place yet.   Bingo will start up again on Thursday Sept 26th starting at 7 pm.  The Walkers Woods End of Summer Bash is set for Saturday Sept. 28th starting at 12pm, there will be food and an inflatable water slide for the kids and a 50/50 drawing.  For October the committee will meet on Monday the 10th at 1 pm.  There will be a Potluck/Crock Pot Cook-off on Saturday Oct 12th starting at 5pm (bring your favorite dish to share).  The Walkers Woods Community Yard Sale is set for October 19th starting at 8am and Bingo will be on October 24th.   The pool exercise class is still ongoing every Tuesday and Thursday for August and September at 10 am. 

Once again, we would like to remind all residents to take a few minutes and sign up on our website www.walkerwoodsPOA.com this is the way the Board puts out information on what’s happening in our community. If you have changed your e-mail address, please let Waccamaw Management know.  If you would like me to mention an event you or having you can contact me at [email protected]