Ray's Corner


March is behind us now and hopefully the warm weather is going to start setting in so we can get started on the yard work that needs to be done. The Walkers Woods pool will be opening for the season on the 15th of April so lets all have a great pool season.
Ray Davis reported that he and Michael Vachon, property manager, met with the representative from Monarch Roofing and received a detailed explanation about the guidelines for the installation of solar energy panels. This information will enable guidelines to be written for solar energy panels for the Walkers Woods Community. Ray will develop the guidelines for the Board discussion and approval at their next meeting. I know there are some homeowners who would like solar panels so hopefully they will get approval soon. As we stated in our last column the trees planted between the sidewalks and curbs on Ronaldsby, Quinn and Billy K. were removed by Mr. D’s Trees and we understand some people were not aware of them being removed. Therefore, we say homeowners need to attend the open meeting and all residents should be signed up for the web page were this information is posted and Flash e-mails are sent out.
On the Firewise Project to complete phase 2 of our firebreak the board is trying to get a quote from Palmetto Brush Control who did phase 1. The firebreak does need under brushing of small trees. We have been informed that a homeowner Mr. Michael Kotora has volunteered to join the Architectural Standards Committee thank you Michael for stepping forward and volunteering. The signs at the Tuckahoe Road Entrance have now be repaired and painted and they are looking good. The Board is still trying to setup a meeting with the Reserve at Walkers Woods Board to discuss a solution for their sign that is on Walkers Woods property/easement. The board also replaced a aerator in pond @2 (behind the tower on Tuckahoe Road) . The previous aerator was 8 years old and not fixable.
The Event Committee has set up Aprils events and they can be found on the web page. The committee will hold the annual Easter Egg Hunt for kids on Saturday 13 April at the Amenity Center starting at 11 am. The Go-Getters lunch is set for Friday 19th of April with the Restaurant to be determined later. As always Bingo will be on Thursday 25 April starting at 7 pm at the Amenity Center. Walkers Woods Annual Spring Garage sale will be held on the 27th of April starting at 8 am.
Once again, we would like to remind all homeowners that there will be three positions open on the Board of Director’s this year if you would like to join the board please get your resume into Michael Vachon at Waccamaw Management. All homeowners should have received the application form in the mail by now. Also, proxy vote forms should be coming out sometime in April so when you receive them please return them as soon as possible with your picks for the open board positions.
Once again, we would like to remind all residents to take a few minutes and sign up on our website www.walkerwoodsPOA.com this is the way the Board puts out information on what’s happening in our community. If you have changed your e-mail address, please let Waccamaw Management know. If you would like me to mention an event you or having you can contact me at [email protected]