Waccamaw Management

Waccamaw Management LLC  AAMC
4102 Carolina Commercial Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC  29579
Phone:  843-903-9551

Community Manager:
          Ms. Alexandra Litz
          email:  [email protected]

Community Specialist:
          Ms. Loretta Russell
          email:  [email protected]


Waccamaw Management, LLC, AAMC is excited to announce that we will be introducing TownSq and ATGPay as our new web interface and payment portal! We are in our final preparation stages to officially launch TownSq. Early next week, you will receive an official invitation from [email protected] with a link to create your password, if you have not already done so. To avoid this e-mail going into your spam folder, please add it as an allowed e-mail address.



If you have multiple accounts with Waccamaw Management, you will receive an e-mail for each account. You can conveniently combine them all under one login. To do this, click the link in one e-mail and set your password. Once you are logged in, follow the below steps to add each additional account:


- On right hand corner under your name, click the downward-facing arrow

- Select "Accounts"

- In the center of the page under the property address, click "Add account"

- Enter the account number, property zip code and last name, then click "Continue"

- Confirm the information is correct and click "Continue"

- Agree to the terms of use and click “Link”

- You will be prompted to log in again and will have access to all linked accounts.



If you have recurring payments set up through the current merchant, Paylease, those payments will continue through March 31, 2020. Owners with recurring payments will receive information via mail within the next couple weeks with additional instructions.


If you wish to make assessment payments through TownSq, the payments are processed through ATGPay. Please note that there are convenience fees associated with online payments; however, the fees are lower than the fees through the current merchant.



TownSq allows you to send your questions/concerns/maintenance requests for the Management Team through the Requests feature. Once you log in, you will simply click on Requests, Open Request and send us a message. You will be able to see the status and response to your Request at any time in TownSq.


We look forward to this transition and appreciate your patience as we work to make it as smooth as possible! After you receive the e-mail from TownSq next week, should you need assistance with registration, please contact us at [email protected].

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